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A Minecraft world that has been played for 3 5 years Hacker News

24 Nov 2014 Minecraft is tricky because it gives that long term feeling of accomplishment the same you get by creating a real world artwork or developing a software Regarding large projects this might also require preliminary buildings such as stone generators xp farms to improve tooling complex smelting setups nbsp

How to Create an Automatic Obsidian Generator in Minecraft

6 Jan 2012 Welcome to Minecraft World Check out our advanced tutorials and come play on our free server Mining obsidian is not only time consuming but dangerous Looking for caves with obsidian and risking death by creeper zombie or lava just isn 39 t worth it sometimes Luckily obsidian can be farmed just like nbsp

Autocrafting loop sand to sandstone to sand causing server to go

14 Apr 2017 Autocrafting loop sand to sandstone to sand causing server to go into stopped state 1163 Open I have a sand generator pulverizing cobblestone feeding sand into the Refined storage system via an importer I have the Minecraft 1 10 2 Forge 2234 and 2254 Refined Storage 1 2 25 Does this nbsp

minecraft How can I collect a large amount of sand glass without

6 May 2011 I went in a straight line until I found a pretty large sandy area and started by covering a section of sand over with dirt I then dug out all the sand You could set up a cobblestone generator by putting a lava source block and a water source block in a 4 block long trough The generator will ensure that you nbsp

Map Downloads Xisumavoid

My name is Xisuma Pronounced Is Su Ma and i make youtube videos ranging from Minecraft tutorials amp Myth Busting to my adventures on the Hermitcraft server UHC Blox is now a copy paste command block contraption click here for the planet minecraft page Sand Generator 2 schematic middot Sand Generator 2

MC 93129 Falling sand behaves incorrectly in lazy chunks JIRA

21 Nov 2015 This could be easily fixed however I strongly dislike this concept of different sand behaviour in lazy chunks in general The reason for this is that the default state of the block is used in the checkFallable World worldIn BlockPos pos method of the Client src net minecraft block BlockFalling java class MCP nbsp

Getting Started Ex Nihilo Minecraft Wiki FANDOM powered by

First thing 39 s first this is Minecraft How do you always start Make a pickaxe and a cobblestone generator while you wait for your tree to grow Make a barrel to get The sieve is the first tool you have to sift through gravel sand and dust to collect your ores and dirt to get your seeds and different trees Sieve Wooden Sieve

Simple Gravel and Sand Generator Minecraft Project Planet Minecraft

14 Jul 2012 Download map now The Minecraft Project Simple Gravel and Sand Generator was posted by ninjapothead

25 unique Minecraft inventions ideas on Pinterest Minecraft ideas

Find and save ideas about Minecraft inventions on Pinterest See more ideas about Minecraft ideas Minecraft and Minecraft redstone house

Sand Generator Redstone Discussion and Mechanisms Minecraft

In the screenshots you will see the piston clock then from the main lever to start the clock is some dust to a sticky piston that cuts off power to the bottom piston of the sand generator The piston clock has two states pulse and on The sand generator did not restart correctly from an on state so I put in the nbsp

Minecraft 1 8 7 Super Fast Sand Generator Showcase YouTube

13 Dec 2013 Music Archie 5upernova Support Archie http www youtube com user realarchiemusic https www soundcloud com archiemusicofficial https www twitter com

Does anybody have a working sand generator Minecraft Xbox

As of right now I 39 m on TU 27 and I need a lot of sand for a project I 39 m working on Does anybody have a working sand generator on Xbox One that I may learn how to build User Info Jackal031196 Jackal031196 2 years ago This question was asked more than 60 days ago with no accepted answer Answer this nbsp

Overview Skyblock 3 Worlds Projects Minecraft CurseForge

Multiple mini islands containing extra items Zombies have a chance of dropping gravel Blazes have a chance of dropping nether quartz Husks have a chance of dropping sand Wither Skeletons have a chance of dropping soulsand There is a worldborder from 1000 to 1000 in the Overworld and in the Nether There are nbsp

Panda 39 s Survival 23 Sand Generator YouTube

20 Nov 2015 Sancarn and Spire were helping me alot with this project maybe take a look at their channels Spire https www youtube com user RedstoneSpire Sancarn

Minecraft Crafting Guide Sand Generator

How to Make a Sand Generator Say you need some sand or gravel but making the trek to find some is too dangerous or time consuming Thanks to a piston duplication bug you can have all the sand or gravel you want any time Place two water sources and surround the length of the water with blocks Make the outside nbsp

Automatic Sand Generator Minecraft Project Planet Minecraft

23 Oct 2011 It a showcase of an automatic sand generator I put together after seeing a manual one of Statics channel I believe it was Just flip the lever and enjoy

FallingSand Command Generator on Scratch

Loading Instructions Type in the block ID NOT numeric and also do NOT put minecraft in front of it lt 3 Notes and Credits Very simple generator You can copy the command from the list box Shared 16 Mar 2016 Modified 16 Mar 2016 Favorite this project 0 Love this project 0 Total views 208 View the remix tree 1 nbsp

Basic Minecraft Nether Generator 2 0 on Scratch

14 Aug 2017 Basic Minecraft Nether Generator 2 0 on Scratch by 18Planet Canyons Soul Sand Patches Fire This is the average scale for the Soul Sand Chance 0 due to a glitch it sometimes happens 1 very very little 2 rare The Bosses of Scratch middot add any projects please middot Minecraft middot Wierd Studio

Overview FallingGeneratorFix Bukkit Plugins Projects Bukkit

Seems this glitch fixed in Bukkit as of 1 4 5 R0 2 but still works in Vanilla 1 4 5 FallingGeneratorFix http dev bukkit org media images 45 Description As 1 3 did not fix this glitch I make very simple plugin that prevents it How it works When piston push sand or gravel block it is marking And when marked piston nbsp

Crusher Official Mekanism Wiki

Input Output Ingots Dusts middot Clumps middot Dirty Dusts Biomatter Bio Fuel Cobblestone Gravel Gravel Sand Chiseled Stone Bricks Stone Bricks Stone Cobblestone Cracked Stone Stone Sandstone Sand Flint Gunpowder Stone Bricks Cracked Stone Bricks Obsidian Obsidian Dust Diamond Diamond Dust nbsp

Sand Generator Minecraft Project Planet Minecraft

18 Nov 2012 I got bored and made a custom sand generator and it works really good It generates so much sand your inventory will be full within 10 minutes

Minecraft Tutorials How to make an Automatic Farm without Sticky

Minecraft Tutorials How to make an Automatic Farm without Sticky Pistons

How do i get sand in Sky Factory 2 5 feedthebeast Reddit

It has later grown to be the main subreddit for all things related to modded minecraft Some basic elements can be found if you sive sand gravel and dust Never forget to plant the tree saplings The hardest As soon as you get a cobble gen going make the compacting drawers to auto compress stuff

Sand Generator Turtorial Very Easy Build Minecraft Project

7 Nov 2011 This is a quick and easy way to build a Sand Generator Can be very nuseful when you are looking to make windows in survival mode Download map now

Sand Generator Fix For 1 4 5 Tutorial Minecraft Project

25 Nov 2012 Get notified of all my uploads This video will show you how to fix the sand generator for 1 4 5 Sand Generator Tutorial Want to support my channel o

Mountain Generator with only one command block Icebergs sand

22 Dec 2014 Hey I always have problems with creating large landscapes by hand There is nothing more boring In order to no longer having to do that I have already made

Tutorials Block and item duplication – Official Minecraft Wiki

12 Oct 2017 For example let 39 s say you wanted to obtain enormous amounts of glass or sand Going into a desert and mining it yourself is extremely time consuming so a sand duplicator can be very useful If you wanted to break a lot of bedrock using this technique the player can build a dragon egg duplicator to create nbsp

Minecraft Sand Generator w Astral Sorcery Over 5 Stacks per

4 Aug 2017 Just a quick tutorial video for you on how to make a very effective sand generator using mainly just Astral Sorcery and any sort of item collection It produ


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